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The ultimate goal of our restorations is to bring back our patients smile. We offer everything from full porcelain restorations to the most technically demanding cast metal framework partial dentures. Our prosthetic restorations are made with an emphasis on aesthetics, functionality and high fabricaion standards.
All ceramic crowns and bridges MORE
All ceramic crowns and bridges
Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges MORE
Porcelain fused to metal crowns and bridges
Precision Attachment Crowns MORE
Precision Attachment Crowns
Cast post and core MORE
Cast post and core
Implant restorations MORE
Implant restorations
Temporary crowns & bridges MORE
Temporary crowns & bridges
Inlay / Onlay / Overlay MORE
Inlay / Onlay / Overlay
Diagnostic Wax-Up MORE
Diagnostic Wax-Up
Veneers MORE
Metal based partial MORE
Metal based partial
Cast metal framework MORE
Cast metal framework
Full denture MORE
Full denture
Full denture IvoCap MORE
Full denture IvoCap
Temporary denture MORE
Temporary denture
Characterization of the gingiva MORE
Characterization of the gingiva